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Seaside House

Our Mission.

Seaside House is a Recovery Community, where we take sobriety and recovery to the next level.  This is accomplished through:

  • Concierge Case Management:  Meeting the individual need of each client based on their specific battle with the disease of addiction.  Connecting them to therapy, medication management, psychiatry, psychology, medical management, legal advocacy, recovery balance, and 12 step resources.

  • Recovery Advocacy/Coaching:  To Coach and Mentor our young men to connect with positive resources, to fully understand "Recovery Balance" (Connection to Life, Recovery, Family/Relationships), to have 12 step oversight beyond a sponsor, life skills, and to build a sense of community and fellowship.

  • Collegiate Recovery/Vocational Recovery:  To truly look at the strengths of our residents, connect them to both academic and vocational opportunities, using our vastly experienced Collegiate/Recovery Counseling staff.

  • 12 Step Immersion:  To demonstrate (not tell or discuss) how to engage the 12 step program, irregardless of previous experiences or expectations.  To truly show and mentor to the "solution" that is afforded through the therapeutic work that is the fabric of the 12 step program.

Family.  Friends.  Trust.  Career.  Relationships. Education.   

Financial Independence.


Our Philosophy

How we accomplish this feat, is to build a individual plan that is tailored to the specific needs of each resident.

S: Strategy: Finding the right case plan for the need of each unique resident and family, building a network of continuous support.
U: Understanding: Getting to know the specific need for each resident, no “cookie cutter” one-way approach.
C: Coaching: To Coach, Mentor, and Advocate for each resident, family, in making substantial life changes to aid with embracing recovery and long-term wellness success.
C: Collaboration: To work as a collaborative catalyst for change, working within the family, treatment team, and community.
E: Education: To educate and energize our residents and families as to the nature of being well, and the resources to get there and beyond.
S: Support/12 Steps: To provide, and be a conduit, to ongoing support for our residents, families, and our communities.
S: Success: To celebrate whole person success and aid the residents with new goals and resources to continue their journey in wellness recovery.

Let us help you and your family begin the journey to Chemical Independence, Life Balance, and Success.

We believe this experience will make you stronger, happier, and prepared for all that you wish for your life to be.  At Seaside House, you do not have to face this step alone - we are here for you.   

Sea What Sobriety Looks Like