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This phase is all about Freedom! The result of dedication to a life of sobriety, this is when you become the man you are meant to be, with community encouragement and guidance.

This is the phase where you start planning the next stages in your life adventure, career, academic, housing. focus on living life the fullest as if you were living on your own.  You go anywhere and do anything you want, with another person in recovery. - all while  in the structure of Seaside House.

It is time to try on your new life for size, before going out on your own - while you have the safety net of the Seaside House for support.

Seaside House, the path to a full and inspired life.

The period in time should mirror, pretty closely, the life you will be living once you leave Seaside. At this time as you prepare for your independent life, while still under the community support of Seaside House. Your personal accountability rises, and a new relationship with family is tried on for size. You have been working and budgeting for the future, making sure you have accounted for all that you need launch the next phase of your life.  You can honor your hard won recovery, as you make plans for your independence.  Developing schedules that allow for work or school, meetings, and play, are the primary goals here. 

As a Seaside man, this phase is critical. The other men in the house will hold you to the highest standard.  You can offer support and feedback with the benefit of experience, strength, and hope.