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Coming to Seaside House from Primary Treatment.

First things first.  Yes, you will have more freedom at Seaside than you did in treatment. It’s easy to get scared that life will look like cafeterias and nurse’s stations forever, don’t worry, it won’t.


Seaside does not have a nurse’s station, or a cafeteria, which seems like a good start. What we do have is a group of your peers waiting for you, some that have been with us a while, some newer guys, but all will help you transition over. We replaced our nurse’s station with a house on the water and a dock, our cafeteria with a huge porch and a grill that you have full access to, don’t worry, if you don’t know how to grill, and want to learn, we will teach you.

Treatment taught you what addiction is, hopefully gave you some space to get honest with yourself and your family. You are probably walking into Seaside with more questions than answers, fear that it won’t work, or fear that it will work, but life won’t be what you want.

All of it makes sense to us; remember you have a whole crew in the house that came from treatment too.


The laughter and hustle of the house may be the thing that surprises you the most. All you need for the move from there to here is you. Show up and introduce yourself, the rest we will do together. 

Coming to Seaside House the Wilderness.

Some good news, we don’t dig our own latrines here.  Granola is optional, not a privilege, and unless you are really, really wanting it, we don’t supply powdered foods of any sort.  Coming directly from the woods, to the shower you dreamt of, to an airport, then to us, can be totally overwhelming.  Don’t worry, after a week the campfire smell will wear off. Interesting that the campfire scent brings back good memories for most, even if it does remind you of cold nights and, repeating your name as you fumble to use the bathroom while dodging snakes.

All jokes aside, we believe in Wilderness Treatment, because it works, and nature can instruct like no other. Coming to Seaside will be a shock at first.  Waking up in a full size bed in a room overlooking the water will be like an out of body experience for the first few mornings, then, like everything else, you will get used to it.

The men at the house will welcome you; introduce you to the other men, and to folks at off site meetings. We encourage you to teach the other men any skills you gained out there. Teaching is a great way to keep what we know. Don’t let your skills disappear! 

Coming to Seaside House from Therapeutic Boarding School.

Coming from a boarding school to Seaside will be a sigh of relief.  No teachers, no dorms, no cafeterias.  


Seaside is a house of men your age, learning how to have fun and stay clean. If your academic education is something you want to continue, we will support you, get transcripts sent, help you register, all of it, you don’t have to do it alone.


The freedom at Seaside House will be a welcome experience. Being able to leave the house with peers, hit a movie, go fishing, or just laugh and be men among men while at the house are everyday occurrences at Seaside.

It will take a while to adjust to the freedom, but what a great problem to have! Your peers and staff will support you the whole way.