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Contact us today to speak with a member of our team to learn about our admissions process.


The following are a list of questions that we hope will help families navigate the confusing world of sober living. 


• How many community meetings do you have a week?

        We have two community meetings a week with all staff and residents.

• Is there always a staff member at the facility? And, if there is always a staff member there, are they required to be awake on all shifts?

        Seaside House is amply staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Yes, our staff is awake, and able to             address any issues or needs that may arise..

• What treatment centers do you work with, and can I have a name of someone there to speak with about your facility?

        Seaside House works with the most highly respected treatment programs in the area.

• Do you have any alumni family members that would speak to us about their experience at your facility? 

        Certainly, please call our office to arrange a phone conversation.

• How often do you drug test residents? How do you bill that? 

        Seaside House conducts drug tests daily, at no additional charge.

• Do you provide transportation?

        Yes, providing transportation is an important part of the Seaside House program.

• Do you provide academic/vocational support for the men there?

        Absolutely!  Our goal is to work with all residents in finding suitable employment or educational path to         prepare them for life after Seaside House.

• Do the residents do any staff supported outings there?

        Seaside House staff, alumni, and current residents enjoy frequent amazing, and diverse outing                     experiences.

• How do I get in contact with the staff on shift in case of an emergency?

        With the admissions process, you will be given all necessary information.