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The Seaside House program is designed by people who understand the path a quality life of sobriety. We have experienced similar challenges as those of our residents, and know there is an amazing life that waits for all who take this journey.

Seaside House is comprised of an extraordinary team of professionals, each with a unique perspective and talents.  The collaboration of all staff experiences bring a complete understanding to the support needed by our residents. We are compassionate, dedicated and highly experienced in the transitional period that leads to a lifetime   of sobriety.

         Every Seaside House resident is cared for by         a team of professionals including; a clinically        trained program director, a family liaison, case    managers, and peer support staff.  

Seaside House is pleased to offer classes and training with specialists in various fields, including; weight training, water-sports, career counseling, nutrition, and much more.

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Our residents' growth within their sobriety, and personal wellbeing is our priority.