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This may be one of the best times of your life. You have the gift of time, and the luxury of focusing on yourself, in the most positive, balanced way.  

Before treatment your life probably was chaotic, and stressful, with a consistent level of urgency or panic. Then, your treatment was an entirely different experience of extreme loss of freedom.  Here is the good news...... Seaside House will feel like home, in the best possible way.  


As with home, there are some requirements of being respectful and definitely responsibility, but you will realize there is a calmness, and comfort at Seaside House.  The men at Seaside share a brotherhood, with team building activities, meetings, and social events.  We honor birthdays, and success anniversaries to strengthen and celebrate the invisible, intangible feelings we refer to as brotherhood.  What is brotherhood, you might ask?

It defies a definition because it is bigger and deeper than words, and must be experienced to be understood.

Steady and balanced..... this is something you can do.

At Seaside House, your program is uniquely yours, individualized to fit your special goals and needs. This is when you begin feeling like yourself again, making friends, working at a job or your schoolwork, having fun....... we encourage our men to do define their program in a way that honors their authentic self.  Join us!

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