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This phase is about learning to work and save money, or furthering your academics if you choose, but it is also about developing relationships within the Seaside House brotherhood.  

We expect that you now realize how much fun life is at Seaside House.  Yes, there are responsibilities and many activities that keep you busy, but enjoying the immense opportunities for all that Florida has to offer is certainly a plus!  It is our expectation that with your sobriety, and incredible experiences of both activities and fellowship, you will realize the path forward is amazing.


At this time of the program, you have made friends and realize that, Yes.... you do fit in.  You are now part of a community that works together, encourages each other, and experiences awesome adventures together. 


This is when you realize, you are in control of your destiny and it looks like an exciting puzzle of infinite possibilities.   


As much as work and ambition will energize you, Seaside House men and staff definitely enjoy the leisure time!

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