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Achieving your goals takes friends, mentors, and  perseverance.

Seaside House is made up of people, incredible people who are determined to make a difference.  Each resident is assigned a case manager, a compassionate, talented, staff member who will be there for you.....every step of your journey.

Case Managers have the role of mentor, guiding the process from the first day to the last, at Seaside House.  Our case managers are experienced, dedicated men whose past experiences allow them to relate with our residents. Each client has individual needs, strengths and challenges.  The case manager will come to understand their resident and will be a role model, offering considerate and compassionate guidance.  


He understands that a slightly different perspective will often lead to bringing new opportunities into vision. The case managers help our residents navigate the addiction recovery process.

"I would not be where I am today without my stay at seaside. The highly structured phase system allowed for me to slowly gain the experience and knowledge in order to live a sustainable and sober lifestyle. The staff at seaside truly cares about everyone that goes through the program and makes sure everyone gets the attention they need in order to live a sober life once they leave the house. Today I have 18 months sober and I attribute that to my stay at seaside."


                        Eric B.

Each resident meets with his case manager no less than once per week. This is not a formal, conference room meeting, but instead will be a leisurely conversation on the Seaside House pier, or a quick run to a coffee shop, or any comfortable corner of  Seaside House, you may choose.  

Meet Our Case Managers


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Chris Harbolt

Born and raised in Rockford, Illinois, Chris was first introduced to the 12 Steps during his first treatment episode at 13 years old. After several more false starts, and an ever increasing list of problems and consequences, he ceased fighting and accepted the proposals placed to him in Alcoholics Anonymous. He has had many roles over the past years, which have educated him on all the various aspects of recovery. From group lectures, to case management, and most recently as an admissions coordinator working with clients and their families at their most vulnerable time, he truly understands what recovery takes, and is committed to helping people achieve it. After studying art history in college, he became fascinated with maintaining history, and that is reflected in his no nonsense approach to the original intention of the 12 Steps.