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"With the help of those at Seaside, he is the son I knew him to be."

My son suffers from the disease of addiction. As a parent, it tears at my heart that he will deal with this disease for the rest of his life. I thank God for the help my son received from an extended recovery house in Florida called Seaside House. My son received a strong foundation for his life-time sobriety and is soon a year clean. I attribute that to the encouragement and care provided at Seaside and the resolve my son demonstrates to remain sober.

From the first time I spoke to Ryan Deasy about my son coming to Seaside, I felt assured that my son would resonate with what their program offered. Their program is a phased program whereby clients earn privileges (phone, car etc.) as they progress through the program. It allowed my son see real progress from his hard work and efforts he put forth.

 Ryan was very responsive to my calls and my questions which provided a sense of comfort for me, knowing my son was soon to be far away. There are many programs that can be found in Florida; 

however Seaside House offered the complete package: knowledgeable and caring therapists and technicians, fantastic surroundings, and strong support from the community. Everyone I met was supportive, warm and genuinely concerned for the well-being of my son; people who really care about my son’s success with staying sober.


I have watched my son become a strong, fun, loving young man during his stay at Seaside. He has learned methods to identify his feelings and resolve problems appropriately, rather than use substances to cover up his feelings. He was so angry all the time – at me, at his father, at the world. With the help of those at Seaside, he is the son I knew him to be.

Lorrie Smith

As a family we agreed to send our son Zack to Seaside after a month at Caron treatment center (PA).  This was his second stint in treatment after previously spending four months in extended care for his Opioid/drug addiction.  As you might assume sending our son across the country was a difficult decision, but we were of course desperate and had heard great things about the recovery community in southern Florida.


 Zack spent a total of seven months at Seaside.  The sense of community and fellowship at "the house" were key to his developing a support system that would be key in his recovery.  The tech's who live and facilitate the day-to-day program provide great mentorship and help "the guys" begin to live a life of recovery.  The counseling staff have a great balance of support and toughness which help address barriers to early recovery.

We have and continue to see major growth in our son.

During his time at Seaside he worked through the early steps, emerged himself in the local recovery community, got a sponsor, and got a job.  Most importantly he learned how to live, without drugs.  Our relationship with him and as a family has truly benefited.  The Seaside staff provide support not only to the patient, but to the family, helping us all through the process.  Zack remains active with the alumni group at Seaside along with his other recovery support system.  

Sending your family member across the country is a difficult and expensive proposition.  Our experience has been that it was by far the BEST thing we could have done to support our son in getting better and moving forward in his recovery!  

Greg Krikorian